SOI Group Limited companies were created to provide a business friendly interface between the University and industry for projects in sectors including offshore renewables energy, marine civil engineering and Oil and Gas.


SOI Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of St Andrews and is closely associated with the Scottish Oceans Institute. Set up 5 years ago we have returned over half a million pounds of commercial research income to the university.

SOI Ltd. aims to facilitate the interactions of commercial interests and the expertise and facilities of the University of St Andrews.

The Scottish Oceans Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute studying the marine environment which forms a key focus for research excellence in marine-related science.

SMRU Consulting

SMRU Consulting is the world’s leading marine mammal consultancy with an unrivalled reputation for providing innovative, robust, and environmentally sound solutions for clients active in the marine environment.

We specialize in the commercial delivery of cutting edge marine mammal science including survey design and implementation, population assessments, and risk frameworks. We work in a diverse range of marine sectors including renewables (wind, tidal, wave), research and development, decommissioning, government, infrastructure, and oil and gas. Our team is committed to providing practical, consistent, and timely results with a high level of attention to detail.


St Andrews Instrumentation Limited (SAIL) are pioneers in real time autonomous acoustic detection. Using a Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) process, our compact and easy to integrate data acquisition card is a new and revolutionary solution for mammal research and noise monitoring.

Whether you are on land or at sea our products deliver fast, accurate and reliable information at the touch of a button. Before data is delivered, the required information is collected, processed and scaled down with extraneous noise removed. No additional analysis software is required, we take care of it all. Mitigate the impact of your projects on the environment in real-time and across great distances with our Decimus® range of products.